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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

get your elbows ready

It's coming on February 5th. The much anticipated Jason Wu for Target line. And while I do say "much anticipated" I had no idea about this until I a Glamour feature on my tumblr feed this morning. I may not be much of a fashionista, but remember no. 3 on my resolution list? Creat a more versatile wardrobe. I think this fits well in that category. And while I do love fashion, I do not have the budget to support all those high-end gorgeous buys. Seriously, those people on instagram who make the popular page by posting pics of their Chanel/Burberry/Tiffany's gift bags? Where do you get all that? How do you or your friends afford all of that? So much for the economic crisis. Apparently there are throngs of young people living it up and I've missed the memo on how this could be me. Oh well, I would still be happy with a score from this affordable line.

The dress will retail for $40 and the gorgeous bag for $50. I wonder if I can take off from work to stand in line?

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