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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mmm... dinner last night

While perusing Pinterest at work... apparently where most of my creative juices flow from, due to my boredom... I came across this recipe. I needed a dinner idea and this seemed like the perfect weeknight meal. Simple, quick and (at least by the picture) delicious.

Off to the store I went during my lunch break and grabbed all the ingredients. I had about half the stuff at home already but needed some more veggies along with penne and the cheese. I love cheese... I'm usually just too lazy and cheap to not buy the prepackaged shredded ones. Well, pecorino romano doesn't come prepackaged and shredded so I picked up a wedge and a grater too.

Pecorino romano sounded familiar but I couldn't remember off the top of my head where I've tasted this before... probably some Italian restaurant. So, upon arriving home I immediatly unpack the cheese and cut myself a little bit. OMG! It's amazing. I've had it before but don't remember where and now don't care because I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing right then and there. I calmed myself down, managed to keep myself from only eating one more piece and went to Michaels for some more craft stuff I needed before it got too late. I would go to Michaels every day if I could! I'm addicted... and convinced that with all the coupons you get you never have to pay full price for anything.

Well, that done I'm finally home and cooking. I followed the recipe mostly... eyeballed 8oz of penne *in retrospect for two people and leftovers, I should have made the whole box* and added in mushroom too. I wanted to add asparagus as well but the store didn't have any. Oh well, next time. I also added a little red wine I had wasting away on my counter and just a little of the pasta water for some sauce. I could see adding a little tomato paste if you want it to be saucier but this is meant to be a light pasta dish.

This was the result:


It was soooo good. I made garlic bread to go with it and even went back for seconds! Definitely adding this to the weeknight dinner arsenal.

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