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Monday, January 30, 2012

Imperial Beach Love

When I first told people that I was living in Imperial Beach, I got the look of "why in the world would you want to live there?" from most people.

So yeah, it's close to Mexico... so close that you can see it from the pier and maybe a really tall person could see it from my balcony. Yeah, it is a ways south and most "hip" places to visit are about a 20 minute drive. And it doesn't have the awesome nightlife of the Gaslamp Quarter.

But here are the things I love:

The pier is a half block walk from my front door. It has spectacular sunset views and is a nice place to walk along and take a break from life.
The Tin Fish restaurant at the end of the pier has some amazing fish tacos, well worth the quarter mile pier walk.
I have a front row seat from my balcony to all the holiday fireworks shows.
I can walk from my house to the beach... no driving, parking searching required.
There is a surf spot right there, immediately loved that.
Every Friday there is a Farmer's Market with fresh, organic fruit and veggies as well as local vendors.
The people here are really friendly.

So for all the naysayers around, come down and experience IB. It's not what you think.


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